Benefits of participating in an Erasmus + project!

Erasmus + offers the opportunity for vocational education and training (VET) learners to go abroad and do training! Internship abroad means to move from your country in another so as to work and live for some period of time. In the beginning it may sound huge but it turns out to be the best thing a person can possibly do for himself/herself.

Going abroad for an internship is the perfect opportunity both for gaining valuable experience in the international labour market and getting to know the culture of the country you choose for your mobility, as well as broadening your horizons.

First of all, making an Erasmus + internship means that you will be working in the field of your choice in a foreign country which will allow you to experience a different way of working and you will learn how to communicate and cooperate in a different language. You will also have the possibility to meet colleagues from different countries and cultures!

During your training experience you will receive professional guidance and support from your placement tutor and you will acquire important knowledge and specialization in organizational, administration, social and intercultural skills, related to your job. This will allow you to find out what you are good at and which skills you need to improve.

In other words, you will learn how to be a professional.

Surveys have shown that students who have made internships abroad have more possibilities to find a job in the future, not only in their home countries but also abroad. There is also a big percentage of students that, after finishing their internships, have been hired and became permanent employees of the company. The job market seems to prefer those who have made an internship abroad because they have gained experience, they have created a strong CV and they have proven to adapt easily.

On a personal level, you will get to know more about yourself, your abilities and how far you can go. The experience of being on your own in a foreign country will certainly be a challenge, but a challenge that will help you to improve your personal skills. You will become autonomous, more mature and confident and you will grow up as a person. All in all, it is a transformative experience. Apart from carrying out your training placement, you will have time to  travel, to do activities that you like, to meet new people, to go out, to try new food… All these will make your Erasmus stay a unique and lifelong experience that you will never forget.

Besides, you will become a citizen of the world and you will experience a different way of living. You will get to know the history, the different customs and traditions of the country you choose, and you will be immersed in a specific way of life.

It is clear how many benefits an internship can have in your life! It is a life changing experience and it can lead you to your future job. Grab the chance today and apply for an Erasmus+ internship somewhere in Europe!