Reasons to choose Córdoba as destination for your VET students

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Córdoba is a city of an immense monumental wealth, wide history and great culture! The impressive cultural heritage of this city together with the extensive net of working placements, makes it one of the favorite destinations for Erasmus Students. If you are wondering whether to send your VET students to Córdoba or not, here are a bunch of reasons that will help you to decide:

  • Cultural heritage: Córdoba tells a story in every alley, patio and square. The historic quarter is one of the widest and most beautiful ones of Europe and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. The Mosque-Cathedral is a unique building that represents the esplendor of the Caliphate of Córdoba, being one of the most representative constructions of the Muslim architecture in Spain. We can’t forget about the Fortress of the Christian Monarchs, The Roman Bridge, the Jewish Quarter, the patios, the Roman Temple among many other remains of the city of the 3 cultures! Finally, the outskirts of the city also offer places and monuments of immense interest like the ruins of the muslim city of Medina Azahara. 

  • Excellent connections: Córdoba is a great choice if you want to take advantage of your stay to travel and see as much as you can of the south of Spain! Córdoba is close to other important cities of Andalusia, such as Seville, Málaga and Granada by highways or by high speed trains!
  • Size: Córdoba is a rather small city with around 300,000 inhabitants. This will allow you to enjoy the leisure offer of a city while benefiting from a cozy and safe environment where you can walk almost everywhere!
  • Climate: The mediterranean climate of the city invites to enjoy the city, to walk around and to interact with local people! There are many squares in the town centre, like Corredera Square, where bars have terraces throughout the whole year!
  • Working placements: Córdoba offers a wide net of quality working placements in many different fields: make-up; hair; mechanics; tourism; cooking; electricity; commerce; business; logistics; informatics; among others. Training Europe will provide each student with a suitable company and will monitor the whole training together with the company’s tutor.

  • Leisure: Córdoba offers a very rich leisure program. You can enjoy taking part in outdoor activities in the nature like hiking in Sierra Morena chain of mountains, bicycle tours, kayaking in Guadalquivir river; you can go bowling, karting; you can enjoy the culture of its people attending a flamenco performance, and much more!  

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