Learning mobilities of pupils in Spain

Tailored learning mobilities of school pupils in Spain

Erasmus+ learning mobility: Unlocking cultural and educational horizons in Spain

Embark on an enriching journey with our learning programs for pupils in Spain! Designed to enhance educational and cultural experiences, these programs are perfect for students eager to spend a period abroad to study at a partner school or perform a traineeship at another relevant organization abroad. Ideal for pupils willing to dive into an immersive learning environment, our offerings provide a unique combination of academic enrichment and cultural immersion.

Experience the diverse culture and rich history of Spain through interactive and engaging activities. Our programs span various interests and fields, including language immersion, historical explorations, specialized workshops, and professional development opportunities, all within the framework of Erasmus+ mobility initiatives. Join us for an exceptional group learning experience in Spain that transcends conventional boundaries and nurtures global perspectives.

Discover Spain: Transformative group learning experiences of school pupils with Erasmus+

Collective learning journeys: Enhancing education through Spanish immersion

This initiative is a proactive measure aimed at bolstering schools interested in orchestrating learning mobility activities for both their students and staff abroad. The overarching goals are to foster inclusion, celebrate diversity, champion environmental sustainability, and enhance digital education. This strategic approach not only offers a commendable opportunity to provide enriching learning experiences for individuals but also serves as a catalyst for the internationalization and institutional development of participating schools.

Training Europe (TE) takes a hands-on role in facilitating this process. We collaborate with schools to identify suitable hosting institutions, ensuring a seamless match that aligns with the objectives of the participating school. Beyond this, TE assists in crafting a comprehensive program of learning activities, ensuring that participants in the mobility program have the chance to engage in meaningful educational experiences alongside their peers in the host country. This holistic approach not only promotes academic growth but also nurtures cross-cultural understanding, enriching the overall educational landscape for both students and staff.

Journey together, grow together: Embrace Erasmus+ mobility for unforgettable learning experiences in Spain


Frequently asked questions about our group mobility programs in Spain

Seeking answers about our group mobility programmes in Spain? Our FAQs section is here to guide you, offering key information and insights for a smooth and enriching group experience. Learn everything essential for a successful group mobility journey in Spain.

What exactly are Learning mobilities of school pupils?

Learning mobilities include individual and group mobilities for pupils, staff and professionals focusing on inclusion and diversity, environmental sustainability, digital education and civic engagement.

Who can participate in these mobility programmes?

Schools and organizations active in the field of school education that want to organize learning mobility activities for their school pupils and staff.

What kind of activities are included in Learning mobilities?

Erasmus + learning mobility activities range from school lessons and educational immersion activities to cultural tours, workshops and networking events with local professionals, educators and students, tailored to the mobilities objectives. 

How long do these mobility programmes typically last?

The duration can vary, from a week to several months, depending on the programme’s focus and the group’s needs, allowing for an immersive experience in the Spanish environment.

Can the programmes be customized to our group’s needs?

Absolutely! We specialize in customizing your Erasmus+ programmes to meet your specific objectives and ensuring a unique and relevant experience. 

Are there any prerequisites or requirements for joining these programmes?

General requirements are minimal. We advise discussing your goals with us for optimal program alignment.