Accommodation & meals

Training Europe provide participants with accommodation in Córdoba, a city located in the region of Andalusia, in southern Spain. Córdoba was the capital of Hispania Ulterior under the Roman Empire and capital of the legendary Umayyade Caliphate. Now, it is a city where past and modernity blend together, a living liability of different cultures that influenced it over the times. Furthermore, Córdoba holds 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Mosque-Cathedral (1984), the historical quarter surrounding it (1994) the Festival of the Patios (Courtyards) (2012) and Medina Azahara (2018).

It’s mild weather and delicious cuisine makes it a top tourist destination throughout the nation and beyond. And it is only about an hour-and-a-half drive from the beach!

Training Europe is pleased to offer a variety of accommodation options tailored to the diverse needs of our participants within the historical quarter of this enchanting city. For young students, we provide charming and comfortable hostels featuring shared rooms and welcoming common areas. Additionally, we extend our accommodation offerings to include apartments and host families, ensuring a personalized and home-like experience for participants. Professionals, teachers, and those on monitoring visits can choose from our selection of hotels and apartments designed to cater to their specific requirements. The privileged location of our lodgings allows you not only to have a place to stay but also to fully immerse yourself in the magic of Córdoba and its rich history. 

We also offer full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for our groups.