Work experience for teachers

Recognizing the paramount importance of aligning educational practices with the evolving demands of the contemporary job market, Training Europe extends a valuable opportunity for teachers. We understand that staying attuned to the needs of the labor market is crucial for educators to effectively tailor their teaching methodologies to meet industry requirements. In pursuit of this, we present work placements in local companies specifically designed for teachers eager to immerse themselves in the workings of Spanish industries.

Participating in these placements provides a firsthand understanding of how your profession operates in Spain. Witness the intricacies of daily operations, grasp the dynamics of the Spanish workforce, and glean insights into industry-specific needs. Simultaneously, this experience serves as a platform to update your Vocational Education and Training (VET) skills, ensuring that your teaching remains not only relevant but also enhances the employability of your students. Come, seize this unique opportunity to bridge the gap between education and industry, and evolve as an educator with firsthand insights from the Spanish professional landscape.