🌟 January’s Achievements of Erasmus+ Projects at Training Europe 🌟

🌍 Reflecting on a dynamic and successful January, we are thrilled to share the impactful projects of three Internships and four Job Shadowing and School Visits we accomplished, contributing to the growth and development of diverse talents. Here’s a snapshot of our achievements:

1️⃣ Architecture Internships
Three talented individuals from Hungary were immersed in the world of architecture at Castello Arquitectura. Their hands-on experience included foundational architectural principles, design concepts, and software proficiency. Through collaboration on real-world projects, they enhanced their skills in architectural drawings, project management, site analysis, and sustainable design practices.

2️⃣ Mental Health Work Experience
Two participants from Finland, Evian Kotanen and Netta Peltoniemi, made a positive impact at FUNLABOR. Leveraging their mental healthcare knowledge, they provided valuable assistance to people with disabilities and actively participated in recreational activities, enriching their practical experience.

3️⃣ Photography Internships
A group of thirteen participants from Sweden delved into the realm of photography across various local companies. From studio photography fundamentals to lighting techniques, post-production, and potential career paths, they gained comprehensive hands-on experience and mentorship from industry professionals.

4️⃣ Learning Mobility of pupils and staff
Eleven students and two teachers from Sweden engaged in workshops, discussions with Spanish professionals, interdisciplinary projects, and collaborative learning activities. This immersive experience fostered creativity, problem-solving skills, and cultural exchange.

5️⃣ Teacher Job Shadowing in Photography
Teacher Johan Lindh from Sweden had the opportunity to shadow professionals in photography. He gained insights into class dynamics, feedback and assessment, attended practical lessons, met students and teachers, and explored the local art history and culture of Córdoba.

6️⃣ Teacher Job Shadowing in Nails
Participants were paired with professionals in their respective fields, offering them unique insights and practical knowledge. Teacher Frida Ericsson had the opportunity to shadow professionals in nail care services, participating in nail shaping, cuticle care, polishing, and witnessing the application of artificial nail extensions.

7️⃣ Teacher Job Shadowing in Plumbing
Teachers Radovanovic, Frida Ericsson, and Christin Sundström explored Training Europe’s activities closely. They visited collaborators in hostelry, tourism, plumbing/electricity, construction, and restoration, gaining insights into various industries and checking potential companies for future participants.

✨These accomplishments exemplify our commitment to providing diverse, enriching experiences for skill development, cultural exchange, and fostering professional growth. A special thanks to all the participants, mentors, professionals, and collaborators who contributed to this success and kudos to our team for making January a month of impactful achievements! …and there is even more to come! ✨

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