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In February 2020, Training Europe carried out in Córdoba, Spain, the Job-shadowing project «International Experience – Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training», from Lithuania.

«The rapidly changing labor market, educational methods, and the ever-increasing requirements of employers for specialists graduating from vocational schools are forcing both teachers and administrative staff to constantly improve and raise their professional qualifications.»

This project allowed  the participants to  learn, discuss and work together with different local schools and institutions, a better way to improve and adapt to the European requirements. 

Read full report here: http://www.svietimonaujienos.lt/ispanijos-profesines-mokyklos-ir-paslaugu-verslo-imones-is-arciau/?fbclid=IwAR0IdF0hxEbP_OjywPUmDuM1N4ERySM9onni-H0N5QIppSrlBdiP3IqKL3I



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