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As we mentioned in our previous article «Benefits of participating in an E+ project», making an internship abroad is much more than just working or training. Taking part in an E+ program also means getting to know a different culture, meeting people from different countries and discovering a new way of living. Today, we are going to focus on how some cultural activities might be extremely beneficial for the participants in many different ways.

In Training Europe, we put all our effort so as our Erasmus+ participants can experience the Andalusian culture in an interesting and funny way that will give them the chance to spend time all together and create some vital and unforgettable memories.

For this reason, our cultural activities combine two things: education and entertainment. Through them, our E+ participants get to know important facts about our culture in an enjoyable and exciting way while interacting with students from different projects and countries, which allow them to gain at the same time some important skills.

Why are cultural activities so important for the students that we host?

  • All of the students are brought together. This allow them to get to know each other better, to make new friendships and to develop the feeling of being part of a team. This helps them to feel integrated during the first steps of their project and give them confidence for facing the period they are going to expend abroad.

Which skills are developed through these activities?

  • Social skills: communicating with each other, spending time together, exchanging opinions, sharing ideas and respecting each other’s personality.
  • Communication skills: clarity, listening, reading body language.
  • Team building skills: cooperation, collaboration, tasks management, planning, fighting for a common goal, problem solving, leadership and delegation.
  • Personal skills: motivation, respect, empathy.


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