🌟 Erasmus Experience Unveiled: Crafting Memories in Córdoba! 🇩🇪✨🇪🇸

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In the heart of artistic exploration, eight of our talented German students in ceramics and craftsmanship embarked on a transformative Erasmus project in the charming city of Córdoba for two inspiring weeks. 🎨🏺

Internship Highlights:

🏫 Dionisio Ortiz School of Art:
Immerse in hands-on experiences, refining skills and expanding creative horizons.

🖼️ Margarita Merino Gallery Workshop:
Unleash creativity in the vibrant atmosphere of a renowned artistic space.

🏺 Cerámica y Cosas C. Cecilia:
Dive deep into the world of ceramics and craftsmanship, gaining insights from experts.

🎭 Córdobesa de Artesanos Zoco – Ceramicas Raku:
Explore the intricate art of Raku ceramics at the esteemed Artisan Association.

Cultural Exploration:
The journey kicked off with a mesmerizing stroll through the historic Jewish Quarter of Córdoba.

Student Testimonials Speak Volumes:

🗣️ «Everyone was so kind and always available for problem-solving. The company placement was perfect.»
🗣️ «I like the service of the welcome meeting. It helps to understand the important things, and the people have a person for questions.»
🗣️ «Everyone was really welcoming, and I felt like in good hands. The staff from the internship gave their best to let us try as much as possible. It was a great learning experience, and I would definitely recommend it.»

Infinite Gratitude to our Partners and Hosts!
Your warmth and support made this journey an unforgettable chapter in our students’ educational voyage. 🙌🌍

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