🌍 Exploring Education in Spain: DHOS Brugge Mobility (12-19 November 2023) 🇪🇸

We’re thrilled to share the outstanding success of DHOS Brugge’s transformative educational journey in the vibrant landscapes of Spain! The week-long mobility, filled with enriching experiences, has left an indelible mark on our collective understanding of international education.

The objectives of this mobility:
Enhance Learning: Elevate the learning experiences of certified teachers.
International Insight: Explore countries excelling in international studies.
Challenging Environments: Understand challenging learning environments and self-steered learning.
Spanish Education: Gain insights into the Spanish education system, curriculum, and international research results.
Diversity and Inclusion: Explore how Spanish schools approach diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.

Key Input Areas:
Spanish Education System: Understand its structure and organization.
International Survey Results: Delve into the performance of Spanish education in global studies.
Curriculum Development: Learn how the Spanish curriculum is formulated.
Challenging Learning Environments: Explore how Spain realizes and implements them.
Diversity and Inclusion Practices: Understand policies and practices in Spanish schools.

Key Achievements:

1. Insightful Educational Institution Visits: Colegio Británico, Colegio Mercedarias, IES San Alvaro, Centro de Magisterio Sagrado Corazón University, IES Rafael de la Hoz, Salesianos School.

2. Productive Workshops and Meetings:Meetings with educational authorities, psychologists, and experts.Workshops on quality in education with ISOTOOLS and Delegación de Educación Málaga.

3. Enriching Cultural Experiences:
Guided Tours: Explored the historic cities of Cordoba and Malaga, gaining cultural perspectives.
Flamenco Show: Immersed in the vibrant Spanish culture with a traditional Flamenco show.
Mezquita Guided Tour: Discovered the architectural and cultural richness of the Mezquita.

4. Meaningful Reflection Sessions:
Engaged in reflective sessions throughout the week, consolidating and internalizing the wealth of information and experiences gathered.
Impactful Takeaways:
Enhanced understanding of the Spanish education system and its global standing.
Explored diverse approaches to inclusion, diversity, and sustainable practices.
Established valuable connections with educational institutions and experts.
DHOS Brugge’s commitment to continuous professional learning has truly flourished, thanks to this successful mobility. The experiences garnered will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing pursuit of excellence in education! 🚀📚